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Helmut Theiss

Helmut Theiss
Helmut Theiss (Germany)
HELMUT THEISS is an Transylvanian Saxon born 1967 in a small town called Heltau in Transylvania, Romania, living since 1988, after an adventurous escape through the ,"Iron Curtain”, in Germany. He discovered his passion for scuba diving at 1998 by completing the PADI training up to DIVE-Master level, together with his wife Hedda. He do not earn his living by scuba diving - He work in the automobile industry ( Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, near Stuttgart) – so that the few hours a year, during vacation is the only time he spend under water with his camera. During the dives his wife and buddy takes care so that he don’t get lost while photograph. They are both macro and critter fans. Therefore they have chosen South East Asia as theirs favorite vacation destination. Each vacation they spend two or three weeks in Thailand, Indonesia or Philippines, depending on the season. Helmut bought his first underwater camera because he wanted to bring the fascinating underwater world home to his family and friends. It was not real photography, just some snapshots with a Sea & Sea MX 10. In 2004 he bought his first digital compact camera. He wanted to improve his photos step by step. He changed his equipment quite often because small motives are a challenge for some cameras. Helmut’s images are frequently seen in various underwater competitions, and he has some notable wins over the years. He photographs with a Canon EOS 5D Mark3 in Sea&Sea housing using Sea&Sea YS D2 strobes. RETRA snoot and SagaDive wet lenses.