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DEEP Indonesia 2012

Best of Show by Dale
Best of Show

Dale Sanders

1st Place

The prestigious DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition is part of a unique series hosted by DivePhotoGuide & Wetpixel, in association with DEEP Indonesia, Indonesia’s first and premier diving, adventure travel and extreme sports expo.  
Photographers competed in seven themed categories to win over $40,000 in prizes, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Congratulations to Dale Sanders who won Best of Show for his 1st place image from the Reefscape category. This is the second time Dale has taken home the Best of Show award in the DEEP Indonesia contest, after winning it in 2008 as well.

As with previous years, this years contest included a category for images that focus on conservation and the marine environment, which is particularly during this time when the oceans are in crisis. The growing global community of scuba divers and photographers have become the eyes and ears of the ocean, helping to educate and inspire the rest of the world.

Winners can be seen online, and will be published by our media partners worldwide and exhibited during the DEEP Indonesia Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia (March 29 - April 1, 2012).
As with all events, 15% of entry proceeds will be donated to marine conservation efforts.

Compact Cameras
Peekaboo! by Marcus Commodore (Canada)
Marcus Commodore

Location: Lembeh, Indonesia
Mirror Jelly by Yeow Chuan  Chua ( Pan ) (Malaysia)
Yeow Chuan Chua ( Pan )

"Mirror Jelly"
Location: Kakaban island, Indonesia
American Crocodile by Jannik Pedersen ()
Jannik Pedersen

"American Crocodile"
Location: Cuba
Arctic Wonders by Dale Sanders ()
Dale Sanders

"Arctic Wonders"
Location: Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
Bait Ball by Jeffrey Honda ()
Jeffrey Honda

"Bait Ball"
Location: Bonaire
Capo d\'Aqua tree by Stefano Proakis (Italy)
Stefano Proakis

"Capo d\'Aqua tree"
Location: Capo d\'Acqua lake - Italy
Honorable Mention
Clownfish and Diver Sunburst by Andrew Sallmon (United States)
Andrew Sallmon
United States

"Clownfish and Diver Sunburst"
Location: Cabilao, Philipines
Animal Portrait
Rainbow by Stefano Proakis (Italy)
Stefano Proakis

Location: Eilat - Israel
Bite! by Pedro Carrillo (Spain)
Pedro Carrillo

Location: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Eye Contact by Marcello Di Francesco (Italy)
Marcello Di Francesco

"Eye Contact"
Location: Ambon, Indonesia
Animal Behavior
Indian Mackerel Feed by Alex Tattersall ()
Alex Tattersall

"Indian Mackerel Feed"
Location: Marsa Nakari, Red Sea
“View from the Gulf” by pasquale vassallo (Italy)
pasquale vassallo

"“View from the Gulf”"
Location: Napoli, ITALY
Sea Angel-taxi by Lill Haugen (Norway)
Lill Haugen

"Sea Angel-taxi"
Location: Oslo, Norway
Arctic Garden by Dale Sanders ()
Dale Sanders

"Arctic Garden"
Location: Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
10 Fathoms by Jim Patterson ()
Jim Patterson

"10 Fathoms"
Location: Carmel, California
Winter reef by Espen Rekdal ()
Espen Rekdal

"Winter reef"
Location: Norway
Honorable Mention
Tornado Sardines by Jevin Surjadi (Indonesia)
Jevin Surjadi

"Tornado Sardines"
Location: Wakatobi, Indonesia
Environment and Conservation
Trapped by Carlos Villoch (Spain)
Carlos Villoch

Location: Canary Islands
Slaughterhouse by Ramón Domínguez (Mexico)
Ramón Domínguez

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
the death of the king by rodrigo friscione ()
rodrigo friscione

"the death of the king"
Location: Baja California, Mexico
Indonesia Residents
Where the Roads Meet by Maria Rivarola (Indonesia)
Maria Rivarola

"Where the Roads Meet"
Location: Indonesia
Fishermans Wreck by Maria Rivarola (Indonesia)
Maria Rivarola

"Fishermans Wreck"
Location: Bali, Indonesia
White House by Francesco Ricciardi (Italy)
Francesco Ricciardi

"White House"
Location: Bunaken, Indonesia
Compact Cameras

Any image taken by a point-and-shoot, non-DSLR, non-interchangeable-lens camera.
Any camera with interchangeable lenses is not considered a compact, so images taken with such cameras must not be entered into this category.


Any underwater image featuring a scuba diver or freediver.

Animal Portrait

Any underwater image featuring a portrait of an animal.

Animal Behavior

Any underwater image featuring animal behavior.


Any underwater image featuring a wide angle view of a reef.

Environment and Conservation

Topside and underwater images of all kinds, taken by any camera, with a focus on the marine or lake environment and conservation. Subject matter must address a marine or lake-related environmental issue. The goal in this category is to convey a real-world message.

Indonesia Residents

Open to Indonesian residents only

Competition Judges
Diego Garcia Diego A. Garcia is editor of Scuba Diver AustralAsia Magazine and is contributing editor of Asian Diver Magazine. Diego’s writings and images have been published in Asia, the UK, Canada and the US, and his work on various television series has taken him from California, USA, to Mozambique, Africa. Diego is also currently completing masters-level research on whales, and was the first to record underwater video of humpbacks in the Philippines
Eric Cheng Eric Cheng is an underwater photographer who has become known around the world for his expertise in underwater imaging. He has meticulously documented his travels around the world, and has been published in numerous publications, both in print and on the web. In 2003, Eric was awarded a prestigious Antibes Festival award for his work with, the Antibes underwater imaging web site of the year, and in 2005, he won a category in the prestigious Nature's Best Magazine photo competition, which has placed some of his work in the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Eric also leads trips and has given workshops and seminars in locations around the world.

Eric owns and runs, the premiere online resource for underwater photographers. Hosting over 6,150 registered underwater photographers internationally, Wetpixel's friendly community offers breaking news, reviews, features, community forums, image galleries, photo contests, photo expeditions, and more.

Eric's underwater images can be found on personal website:

Jason Bradley

Jason Bradley specializes in nature and underwater photography and is happiest photographing and telling stories of aquatic habitats and ecosystems. He works in rough and remote locations, in warm or cold environments, and in fresh or ocean water habitats. His portfolio consists of photos of people, wildlife, science, conservation issues, adventure sports, and products and still life's in a myriad of styles and looks. His images have been published in a host of books magazines and other outlets.

Jason also lead workshops and field seminars for nature photographers on photo techniques, photo retouching, digital asset management, digital printing, and specialize in Adobe software. He is  on the Education Committee for the Center for Photographic Arts (CPA). CPA is a non-profit organization housed in Carmel California's Sunset Cultural Center where Ansel Adams started the Friends of Photography camera club.  You can see more Jason's work at

Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss is the owner, publisher and editor-in-chief of, a leading underwater photography media publication with over 50,000 worldwide monthly readers.  Matt has been working full time at DPG since 2009, and for years was the world’s only full time underwater photography editor.  Matt also helped found the New York Underwater Photographic Society, where he currently serves as the co-president. 

Matt spends over a third of the year in the field shooting assignments and running workshops for numerous print and digital publications.  In 2011, Matt co-founded Scuba Diver Through The Lens, the world’s first international underwater photography print magazine that will be published quarterly beginning in 2012 and distributed in New York, Munich and Singapore.