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Ron Watkins

Ron Watkins
Ron Watkins (United States)
Ron’s passion for the underwater world started in 1983 when he first experienced the thrill of scuba diving at Lake Mead, Nevada with his father, who learned how to dive in the Navy aboard the USS Oriskany during the Korean War. Ron first started shooting underwater photography in 1996. He spent the next several years working on his art and diving around the world in destinations including Micronesia, Indonesia, Fiji, Australia, Mexico, Central America, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Although his father is no longer able to dive, his passion is as strong as ever because he is able to continue to experience the underwater world through Ron’s photography and stories. The AZ resident regularly volunteers his time presenting on marine life education and conservation to organizations including the New River Senior Center, schools, libraries and camera clubs throughout the Valley. He is a member of the Sonoran Arts League, Desert Light Photo Group, Nature Conservancy and Wetpixel. More information can be found at