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Andy Chan

Andy Chan
Andy Chan (Indonesia)
Almost Retired Instructor I am from Bali, Indonesia Fave photo dive site: Tulamben Shipwreck - Bali Since 1989 with my first Canon AS - 6 Amphibious Camera. Since 1991 with Nikonos V - SB-103 Since 1996 Nexus Master - Nikon F-90x -SB-105 August 2009 Canon G 9 with WP DC 21 + Nikon SB 105 + Three Inon UCL 165 + DIY adapter + Bigeye Lens. I really want to try underwater photography again after looked at Brian Mayes camera system and the amazing result at scuba board forum. The problem is 7 months ago Canon already discontinue the Power shot G9, it took me more than 2 hours walk to find a G9 camera, at one of the biggest camera shopping mall at Jakarta. After all it seems like the return of a friendly cards, the iso...shutter speed...and the f stop all so familiar and easy with the digital. And lastly I hope camera accessories, macro and wide lens, flash and focus light etc will grow fast, so we as an underwater photographer always have new toys to play with.
3rd Place (Bronze)
DEEP Indonesia 2010 Winning Photography
DEEP Indonesia 2010
Compact Cameras