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Joel Penner

Joel Penner
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Joel is the founder of NEWMEDIASOUP LLC, a multimedia company based in Oakland, CA. While his topside work focuses on design and development for the web, app design and development for iPad/iPhone, architectural photography and performing arts video, some of his underwater clients include Backscatter Video & Photo, Under Exposures and Lembeh Resort/Critters@Lembeh. Originally, scuba certified in 2006, diving quickly became a passionate hobby for Joel, and since photography and videography are associated services offered by his company, it was natural that he take a camera with him underwater! Adept at underwater photography and videography, Joel strives to digitally capture sea life and habitats that are both inspiring and captivating. Joel is also on staff at The Digital Shootout, an annual, week-long workshop for underwater photographers, designed to take one’s skills to the next level.