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Pedro Carrillo
Pedro Carrillo Spain
Born in the Canary Islands (Spain) in 1974, began scuba diving in 1993 and shortly afterwards I submerged and Oly5050. Since then, and after moving to a Nikon/Seacam outfit, I had devoted all my spare time to UW photography, travelling to Hawaii, Red Sea, Andaman, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Maldives, Indonesia... Despite I am living in Frankfurt, I keep on diving on the Canary Islands as often as I can, while also competing regularly in spanish shoot-outs and online competitions, where I have done reasonably well during the last two years (participation in CMAS Spanish Championship representing Madrid after winning the regional contest, second at Beneath the Sea 2010, \"Fish of the Year\" at Epson Red Sea 09, second in WA at Ocean Art 2010, etc)
Honorable Mention
Our World Underwater 2011 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2011

Wide Angle Unrestricted
3rd Place (Bronze)
Our World Underwater 2012 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2012

Wide Angle Traditional
2nd Place (Silver)
DEEP Indonesia 2012 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2012

Animal Portrait
2nd Place (Silver)
Our World Underwater 2015 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2015

Wide Angle Traditional
1st Place (Gold)
DEEP Indonesia 2018 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2018

Animal Portrait
1st Place (Gold)
Our World Underwater 2019 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2019

Wide Angle Traditional