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Christian Loader
Christian Loader Indonesia
From Brighton, England, Christian started diving in the Philippines in 2001, and after a degree in Ocean Sience at Plymouth University, fled to south-east asia as a PADI instructor, working at Sipadan, Borneo, where he quickly fell in love with underwater photography. Christian soon joined the team at Scubazoo Images as an underwater videographer & photographer, and spent 3 fantastic years in the Maldives shooting underwater everyday. He currently manages The Digital Centre alongside Eco Divers at Kima Bajo & Lembeh Cottages in north Sulawesi, Indonesia.
3rd Place (Bronze)
Our World Underwater 2011 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2011

Macro Unrestricted
2nd Place (Silver)
DEEP Indonesia 2011 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2011

Indonesia Residents