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Rui Guerra
Rui Guerra Portugal
Vice World-Champion of Underwater Photography, World Champion in "Wide Angle with Diver" cathegory and six times National Champion, Rui Guerra was born in Lisbon in December 1968 and soon had become connected to the sea, where he tries to find he’s interior balance and inner peace. As natural consequence of its many family moments spend at the coast line, soon he discovers the passion and the curiosity for the underwater world, witch leads him to start doing free diving and latter, scuba diving. Photography enters he’s life almost by chance, and at the beginning was nothing more than “showing to the others what he sees underwater”. Maintaining a constant evolution at all levels and deepening he’s knowledge, he starts to broad he’s photographic horizons to other worlds, but with the underwater photography as the central core of he’s activity. Along he’s career, at a leisure level and also at a competitive level, in national and international competitions, he has won several top places while simultaneously expands and teaches underwater photography in Portugal, by means of courses, workshops and organizing events. Today he's CMAS** Underwater Photography Instructor.
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Our World Underwater 2012 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2012

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