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Sumer Verma
Sumer Verma India
Amongst the small fraternity of underwater photographers in the India, Sumer Verma is one of the best. With a portfolio that ranges from wildlife to fashion, Sumer’s creativity and skill are at the leading edge of a new breed of imaging in India. As part owner of the Lacadives group of dive centres and as one of India’s leading scuba diving instructors, Sumer has spent innumerable hours in and around the sea. Sumer is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, both national and international, for his creativity in still photography as well as videography.
1st Place (Gold)
Our World Underwater 2014 Winning Photography

Best of Show
Our World Underwater 2014

Wide Angle Unrestricted
3rd Place (Bronze)
DEEP Indonesia 2014 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2014

Animal Portrait