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Quentin Felty

Quentin Felty
Quentin Felty (United States)
My parents started me early on appreciating the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. Fishing was my favorite thing to do because it brought me as close as I could get to the ocean. We fished for salmon, dug up clams, setup pots for Dungeness crab, and fished for squid. All of these experiences, increased my appetite for the ocean and I began to watch countless television programs focused on exploring the underwater world. I started underwater photography with a point & shoot camera that I got on a whim for a monumental trip to the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Gradually I worked myself up to using a DSLR. Photography underwater has the most intimate connection with me. The close proximity of the subjects and unexpected surprises / challenges makes every dive feel like my first.
Honorable Mention
DEEP Indonesia 2018 Winning Photography