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Cal Mero
Cal Mero Australia
I'm currently completing my honours year in marine biology at James Cook University, Australia. I'm researching in the field of behavioural ecology. My research examines individual differences in juvenile reef fish behaviour and how these differences contribute to survival. My recent photographic work has been aimed at documenting the beauty found in the fresh water river systems of far northern tropical Australia. As a photographer, I aim to photographic subjects that haven't been photographed before. The vast majority of my photography has been based in the temperate waters of Victoria, Australia. I currently shoot with a Nikon d80 in an ikelite housing. I use 2 x ikelite ds 51 strobes. I currently use a tokina 10-17mm, a nikon 60mm and a nikon 18-55mm lens
1st Place (Gold)
Our World Underwater 2009 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2009

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