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Kim Yusuf

Kim Yusuf
Kim Yusuf (Germany)
In 2004 I found my passion for the "liquid kingdom”.when a friend took me on an introduction dive in Spain. Six months later I had my certification and booked my first dive trip to Egypt. What I saw there was so amazingly beautiful and sometimes strange and I instantly knew that I had to capture this fascination to show it to the world (or at least to those who liked to see them). At first I was using various kinds of Canon point-and-shoot cameras, then a derivate from Fuji combined with different kinds of wet lenses. In 2007 I took it to a more serious level: my first DSLR was a Canon EOS 400D in a Hugyfot housing. After a lot of trips and shoots, a flooding and a second 400D, I blamed the electronics for the insufficient output and got myself an EOS 50D and a matching Hugyfot. For the time being I’m pretty happy with the results and I might actually keep it for a while (although it’s got no video). Having tried different lenses underwater I now use a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye and a Canon 100mm Macro on 98 percent of my dives (accompanied by two INON Z240 or the occasional Magic filter). For the majority of my pictures I lean towards the 100mm macro because I feel more comfortable with this lens. The typical macro scene is just so much easier to control than almost any wideangle scene. Since the equipment is getting bigger and heavier, my wife and I stopped the backpacking in our vacations and now we only do dive trips – rather characteristical for an underwater photography addict. But we’re still traveling to the same countries i.e. Thailand and Indonesia - so not all hope is lost. When I’m not diving I live in Munich/Germany working as an IT-consultant.