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Carlos Villoch
Carlos Villoch Spain
Carlos fell in love with the ocean since he first wore a diving mask in the 70’s. His mum still remembers him going to sleep wearing his fins and mask. A former computer engineer, he quitted his office job in rainy England and move to the warm tropics. In the 90’s he worked as dive instructor, camera man and photographer in the Caymans, Australia and Papua New Guinea. His work as photographer has taken him to the most remote and exciting dive destinations in every continent, from Antarctica to Micronesia. His photos have illustrated 70 front covers and are published in magazines around the world, used for advertising and displayed in aquariums and museum exhibitions. He is an award winner in the BBC-Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year and his images are often placed in the first positions in photo contests and shoot-outs. With his pictorial and written stories Carlos spreads an environmental message increasing awareness of marine issues. At present he runs the photo library and shares his passion for the ocean through his underwater photography seminars and trips.
3rd Place (Bronze)
Our World Underwater 2009 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2009

Environment and Conservation
3rd Place (Bronze)
Our World Underwater 2010 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2010

Wide Angle Traditional
2nd Place (Silver)
Our World Underwater 2012 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2012

Wide Angle Traditional
1st Place (Gold)
DEEP Indonesia 2012 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2012

Environment and Conservation